Our Philosophy

Our Cleaning Philosophy


Our Philosophy At  Cleaning Service Maid, we believe the home is a reflection of the natural balance of the earth. At Cleaning Service Maid we know the value of a clean work and living space. A pristine setting immediately contributes to a feeling of wellness and productivity, and other benefits such as the elimination of ailments associated with allergens, dust, or mold.

A safe environment, not only for us, but more so for our loved ones, has been the driving force of Cleaning Service Maid since its inception.

We complete a thorough background check of every person we hire, once this is complete, we also train each and every one of our staff with our unique cleaning methods to offer the highest quality cleaning services. Our professional staff offers a consistent quality of service every time we clean your home or office.

Life is busy, between work, family time, entertaining guests and everything else that happens in our lives, who has time to clean? Save yourself the aggravation and let the maids at Cleaning Service Maid take the worry and hassle out of cleaning so you can get back to enjoying life!

Cleaning Service Maid invites you to eliminate dangerous chemicals in your home. It is our goal to lessen your exposure to toxins in your most intimate spaces while simultaneously reducing the impact of chemical use on the environment.   Our commitment to you: We will treat you with the utmost courtesy and respect at all times.

We aim to return your voice messages within 1 working day.We aim to acknowledge your emails within 24 hours.We will use plain language and avoid jargon at all times.We will take pleasure in answering your calls personally.We will protect your personal data at all times.We will carry out our contractual duties with efficiency and enthusiasm.

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